My OPI haul q^ ^p!

Hi guys, I’m sorry for my break, busy at school and also need to make sure I help with the house work. and I’ve also been playing with my new iPhone4. So anyway, I’ve been waiting for the OPI shop (near me) to receive the Muppets and the Nicki Minaj collections, and a couple of weeks ago they finally got them! I felt like eating buying all of the glitters of the Muppets Collection!! 😀 But of course I couldn’t :’D At that time they didn’t have the Nicki Minaj collection yet, so I bought the glitters that I knew I would like (the ones that would be quite opaque):

  1. Divine Swine
  2. Rainbow Connection
  3. Fresh Frog of Bel Air
  4. Gone Gonzo

AND I LOVE THEM!! Then, just 2 days ago, I went there with my mom, and they had all these shatters and the Nicki Minaj collection! They had a turquoise, golden, silver, pink, purple, blue, red, another type of pink and a white shatter! On this visit, I managed to eliminate the ones I liked up to 4 polishes:

  1. Turquoise Shatter
  2. Fly (NickiMinaj)
  3. Silver Shatter
  4. Warm&Fozzie (Muppets)

Heheh 😉 I did go there some other times too, with my friend, and I bought the Golden Shatter too :’D And I got It’s My Year (Miss Universe collection) polish from my friend as a christmas present ❤ And at some point, I bought Did It On ‘Em (Nicki Minaj) too xDDDD But I did promise something about not buying polish for a while now….. 😉 So as you can see I’ve got lots of swatches to do (11) 🙂 So see you soon, I’m gonna eat now >:D


OPI “The Muppets” Holiday Collection

OPI “The Muppets” Holiday Collection.

via OPI “The Muppets” Holiday Collection.  Pictures and captions I took from KittyPolishnBags!

I’ve been waiting for this collection with great curiosity, and once I saw these in the OPI shop near my house I was SO happy! Unfortunately, as I saw the swatches of the glitters -which I had wanted the most! -I was let down a bit. Of course (as glitters are usually quite sheer) I knew they might not be that good after all. But still, I believe they will look glamorous layered! Before I saw the swatches, my favourites were: Rainbow Connection, Fresh Frog of Bel Air and Gettin’ Miss Piggy With it. BUT, after I saw the swatches, my favourites were: Excuse Moi! , Gone Gonzo and Fresh Frog of Bel Air…. 😀 But anyway, here they are, let me know your favourites!

OPI- Animal-istic

This wild bight red cannot be tamed!

OPI Meep-Meep-Meep

Missing out on this fuchsia would make you weep, weep, weep!

OPI Wocka Wocka!

The popular deep berry makes everything fun and merry!

OPI Pepe’s Purple Passion

This deep, decadent shade is the best purple ever, okay!

OPI Designer, de Better!

And this light metallic bronze is ready for the runway.

OPI Warm & Fozzie

A feel-good shade of metallic copper.

OPI Rainbow Connection

The rainbow glitter of your dreams.

OPI Excuse Moi!

Ahem! This pink glitter has something to say!

OPI Gone Gonzo!

The aqua-blue glitter is taking over the world!

OPI Fresh Frog of Bel Air

A glitter that prefers the greener things in life.

OPI Divine Swine

The finest, most fabulous magenta glitter ever.

Lacquer packed with micas and sparkle gives a 3 dimensional textured look that makes nails look like jewelry.

This limited edition promotion will be available beginning November 2011 at Professional Salons, including Beauty Brands, Beauty First, Chatters, Dillard’s, JCPenney, Pure Beauty, Regis, Trade Secret, and ULTA, for $8.50 ($10.95 CAN) suggested retail for each Nail Lacquer.

For more information, please call 800-341-9999 or visit Follow OPI on Twitter @OPI_PRODUCTS and become a Facebook fan!

Christmas nails?

Hey! I thought I’d make a form, so that you can suggest some Christmasy nails you’d like to see. I have some ideas already, but I wanna hear yours 😉

I’ll see which ones I’ll try out 🙂 See you later!


Hey guys! I thought I’d give you a chance to suggest some ideas for me to do 🙂 Like a specific kind of french maybe? Or maybe a post about my nail polish collection? Or anything else? Just leave a comment telling your suggestion/idea ^^

Have a nice day! Kiwi’s out! >:D

Hello world!~ o^ ^o

Hi everyone! One of my hobbies is nail polishing, as you might already know (I have another blog, Kiwi’s Traveling which is about traveling). I used to blog about it too, with blogger.

Straight away, I will start with this simple free hand design that I did….like 1 month/2 months ago 😛 It is…….

Tiger Nails! Here you go:

Free hand tiger nails by Polished KiwiFree hand tiger nails by Polished Kiwi o^^o

Do you like them? I’m not that good when it comes to doing nail art by free-hand, but I’ll get better! Also, sometimes I just paint my nails and after I have them on a longer time I start loving them :D These are actually gradient tiger nails. Firstly I polished my nails orange. Then sponged some golden to the tips and afterwards the stripes ;P

Today, I was at the Rugby Club with Lama, and we went quite hyper :D At the end we ate and then we left. And I also read through everything I’ve done in my notebook and that was my revision for the geography test! :) Good night, sleep tight, don’t you let the bugs bite ;)

Polished Kiwi x